Tda12135ps n3 3 pdf

Tda12135ps n3 3 pdf to Wright Field Aug 1935. In Aug 1939 the aircraft was modified to test the feasibility of firing a large cannon from aircraft. Lake Erie and at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Phillips Field, MD. 2165 later modified as company transport.

Mexico in 1962, when it became XB-GOG. Still airworthy as N2825B by AMPHA as ‘Miss Hap’. 2180 assigned to 17th BG, 34th BS. 2186 damaged Jun 6, 1941 in fire at Olympia, Washington. 2193 crashed in West Greenwich, RI Apr 3, 1942, killing all 5 onboard. 2230 damaged May 19, 1942 in landing at Westover Field, Massachusetts.

2231 crashed into Lake Apopka, FL Jan 18, 1942. Mixed crew from 37th BS, 89th Recon Squadron. N of Vladivostok Apr 18, 1942. 30 mi N of Chuchow Apr 18, 1942.

Bombed Nagoya, ran out of fuel, crew bailed out S. Two executed by firing squad Oct 15, 1942. Bombed Tokyo, ran out of fuel, crew bailed out SE of Chuchow Apr 18, 1942. 40 mi NE of Chuchow Apr 18, 1942. SE of Shangjao Apr 18, 1942. 2288 to RAF as FK164. 2289 to RAF as FK167.

May 17, 1942 at Columbia AAF, SC. 2 crewmen drowned, other three taken POW. 1 executed by firing squad Oct 15, 1942. 2313 to RAF as FK163. 2314 to RAF as FK170. 2315 to RAF as FK169. 2317 to RAF as FK173.

2319 to RAF as FK171. 2320 to RAF as FK175. 2322 to RAF as FK172. 2323 to RAF as FK174. 2326 to RAF as FK181. 2327 to RAF as FK180. 2328 to RAF as FK166.

2330 to RAF as FK178. Crashed Jan 12, 1943 at Morrison Field, FL prior to delivery to RAF. 2331 to RAF as FK176. 2332 to RAF as FK179.

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