Scorpio man secrets pdf


This article is about Marvel Comics characters. Nick Fury, Agent of S. Scorpio man secrets pdf to the “Nick Fury: Scorpio” TPB reprinting the first appearance of Scorpio.

As the original Scorpio, he operated as a spy, terrorist, and criminal. He again battled his brother in Manhattan, then disguised himself as Nick Fury to infiltrate the New York SHIELD base, although his real identity was then discovered by his brother. However, his plan was thwarted by the Defenders, and he committed suicide through self-inflicted gunshot wound in despair. Jake’s death and much of his villainy was all part of a long-game plan of Nick Fury’s. Jake would go on to be the agent known as Scorpio.

Zodiac Key from which he drew his power. Nick Fury’s illegitimate son, has also used the Scorpio identity. Vernon Fury is the grandson of Jacob Fury and the grand-nephew of Nick Fury. Upon being told the stories about the Zodiac Key, Vernon planned to know what its secrets are. With the money he obtained, he formed the different Zodiac sects. Thanks to a premonition by Gemini, he hacks into a satellite owned by S.

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