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Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, the Astronomer-Poet of Persia. Houghton AC85 M4977 Zz878o – Rubáiyát, cover. By the 1880s, the book was extremely well known throughout omar khayyam poems pdf English-speaking world, to the extent of the formation of numerous “Omar Khayyam Clubs” and a “fin de siècle cult of the Rubaiyat”. The authenticity of the poetry attributed to Omar Khayyam is highly uncertain.

Omar was famous during his lifetime not as a poet but as an astronomer and mathematician. 43 years after his death. Parts of the Rubaiyat appear as incidental quotations from Omar in early works of biography and in anthologies. The extant manuscripts containing collections attributed to Omar are much too late to enable a reconstruction of a body of authentic verses.

1930s attempted to reconstruct a core of authentic verses from scattered quotes by authors of the 13th and 14th centries, ignoring the younger manuscript tradition. After World War II, reconstruction efforts were significantly delayed by two clever forgeries. Omar Khayyam “is to be struck out from the history of Persian literature”. A feature of the more recent collections is the lack of linguistic homogeneity and continuity of ideas. Hedayat’s final verdict was that 14 quatrains could be attributed to Khayyam with certainty. Various tests have been employed to reduce the quatrains attributable to Omar to about 100. Arthur Christensen states that “of more than 1,200 ruba’is known to be ascribed to Omar, only 121 could be regarded as reasonably authentic”.

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