Merge jpegs into pdf mac

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Or suppose you have a PDF generated from some other program. Two different questions with more than two very different answers. Let’s look at them in order. Otherwise, just accept that perfection isn’t possible and read on to learn how to do the best you can with what you’ve got.

None of them can do a perfect job, but the results can be quite good. EMF, WMF or BMP graphics. WMF graphics into your presentations, ungroup and edit them. PDF pages into PSDs at a chosen resolution etc. With nothing more than the free Acrobat Reader, you can import high or low resolution bitmaps of PDF pages into your presentations. You probably have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader software so you can view and print PDFs.

Open your PDF in Reader. Select the snapshot tool, drag the crosshairs to draw a box around area you want to copy. If you want higher resolution, zoom in on the image while it’s still selected, then rightclick it and choose “Copy Selected Graphic”. Don’t get too frisky with the zoom control. If you zoom in too close, you can put too much data on the clipboard and slow down or even crash your computer.

Couldn’t be quicker and easier. If not, use the Reader method above. That way you preserve any interactivity that’s already built into the PDF. Note that all of these methods assume that Acrobat, Adobe Reader or some other PDF viewer is installed on the computer where the presentation will be viewed. You can create an action button that hyperlinks to a PDF.

From the main menu bar, choose Insert, Object. The Insert Object dialog box appears. In the Insert Object dialog box, click “Create from file” . Choose the PDF you want to insert. Rightclick the icon and choose Action Settings.

The Action Settings dialog box appears. In the Action Settings dialog box, click “Object action” and choose “Edit”. A copy of the PDF is now embedded in your PPT file, meaning that you won’t have to worry about links breaking when you move the file to another computer or send it to someone else. Other than that, it behaves similarly to the linked PDFs described above.

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