Lord i need you lead sheet pdf


PDF Form which you can type on directly. I’m looking to offer my character sheets in different languages. Moved some subdomains around and accidentally pointed away from the site for a bit, sorry. Besides sheets on tap, Lord i need you lead sheet pdf’m finally getting close to releasing some old school modules that I started way back when OSRIC got off the ground.

Yeah, I’m still around, but I was overseas for four months and then my father passed away, so I haven’t had any time for sheeting. Hopefully that will change over the next few weeks! You can speed the process by making a donation towards my procuring either game! I’ve been given copies of my 2. 1 sheet and form which are now again available for download.

Thanks to Teresa for hooking me up! Tar Heels’ 2009 NCAA Basketball victory. Well, I’ve been busy, not that you’ve seen much here, I guess. Fifth Edition Medieval Character Sheet. Still unpacking from the Big Move and my Adobe CS4 upgrade came in the mail today! SF AC-1 Character Record Sheet replica. Happy Father’s Day, fellow dads!

If you haven’t made a donation, or it’s been a long time since you did, please consider what the stuff on the site is worth to your gaming group. My sincere thanks to those who have! Fifth Edition Medieval character sheet. Annapolis, it’ll probably be tomorrow before I get a first draft of a 4e sheet out the door. You will always be welcome at my gaming table, Mr. Your favorite game has evolved – so have your favorite sheets! BLUE ROSE CHARACTER SHEET 1.

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