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Annie John, the protagonist of the book, starts out as a young girl who worships her mother. She follows her everywhere, and is shocked and hurt when she learns that she must some day live in a different house from her mother. While her mother tries to teach her to become a lady, Annie is sent girl jamaica kincaid pdf a new school where she must prove herself intellectually and make new friends. She then “falls in love” with a girl by the name of Gwen.

She promises Gwen that she will always love her. However, Annie later finds herself admiring and adoring a girl that she called the “Red Girl”. She admires this girl in all aspects of her life. To Annie this girl is the meaning of freedom because she does not have to do any daily hygienic routines like the other girls. Annie John is then moved to a higher class because of her intelligence. For this reason, Annie is drawn away from her best friend Gwen and the Red Girl, while alienating herself from her mother and the other adults in her life.

It later becomes clear that she also suffers from some kind of mental depression, which distances her from both her family and her friends. Kincaid’s use of Annie John as the narrator. Children growing apart from their parents while becoming adolescents is the major theme in the novel. Annie and her mother share common personalities, goals and even look exactly alike, though they grow apart through the narrative. Barbara Wiedemann writes that Kincaid’s fiction is not specifically aimed at a young adult audience, but the readers will benefit from insight evident in Kincaid’s description of coming of age.

I think I am always surprised that people interpret it so literally. The relationship between Gwen and Annie is really a practicing relationship. It’s about how things work. It’s like learning to walk. Always there is the sense that they would go on to lead heterosexual lives.

In the story, the theme of colonization is conveyed. England has colonized Antigua, and has reconstructed its society. This is seen when the reader is introduced to Miss George and Miss Edward, teachers at Annie’s school, who are both named after English kings. Antigua in return, strongly dislikes England for disposing of its native culture. Water is consistently used throughout the novel to depict the separation between Annie John and her mother. Annie’s development from childhood to maturity. Near the start of the novel, the reader learns that Annie has both a normal baby bottle and one shaped like a boat – and that is only the beginning of her water-connected choices in life.

Kincaid’s writing form is not in the traditional paragraph form, but run-on sentences and paragraphs with little fragments. Annie was Kincaid when she was younger. Kincaid’s father had to walk after he ate because he had a bad digestive tract and heart, their family ate fish, bread, and butter, a six-year-old died in her mother’s arm going over the same bridge that her father had recently walked on after eating, and the character of Miss Charlotte dies in both books. Annie John has moved off of her Caribbean island of Antigua and is starting a new life in England, even though Lucy is in America, because hypothetically Annie John will have to learn how to adjust to England. This page was last edited on 26 May 2017, at 18:42. This article is about West Indian religion and magic. European colonials and slave owners.

It is from these arrivals and their spiritualisms that Obeah originates. Obeah men and women of the Caribbean like predicting the future and manufacturing charms. There is also evidence of Akan names among Obeah men of the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Akan origin of Obeah has been criticised by several writers who hold that an Igbo origin is more likely.

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