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Aliphatic diisocyanates are used in special applications, such as enamel coatings which are resistant to abrasion and degradation from ultraviolet light. These properties are particularly desirable in, for instance, the exterior paint applied to aircraft and vessels. HDI is a symmetrical molecule and thus has two isocyanate groups of equal reactivity. Exam n10 005 pdf page was last edited on 9 September 2017, at 13:05.

A woman examines her breast. The method involves the woman herself looking at and feeling each breast for possible lumps, distortions or swelling. A female prisoner, shackled and manacled, being taught to examine her breasts during a prison health drive. They concluded, “At present, screening by breast self-examination or physical examination cannot be recommended. In a large clinical trial involving more than 260,000 female Chinese factory workers, half were carefully taught by nurses at their factories to perform monthly breast self-exam, and the other half were not. Because breast self-exam is not proven to save lives, it is no longer routinely recommended by health authorities for general use.

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