Diversity oppression and social functioning pdf


Ableism characterizes persons as defined by their disabilities and as inferior diversity oppression and social functioning pdf the non-disabled. There are stereotypes associated with various disabilities.

Labeling affects people when it limits their options for action or changes their identity. In ableist societies, people with disabilities are viewed as less valuable to society, or even less than human. 20th century could be considered an example of widespread ableism. Amundson and Taira, who define ableism as “a doctrine that falsely treats impairments as inherently and naturally horrible and blames the impairments themselves for the problems experienced by the people who have them”. Within communities of people with disabilities, there is disagreement about whether referring to themselves as “disabled” counts as internalized ableism. These groups may prefer the terms “non-neurotypical” or “neurodivergent” for mental divergences. When referring to people with disabilities, there are two methods: person-first language and disability-first language.

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