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Italy, that provides speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification and identification applications. United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, and the United States. The voice synthesis and speech recognition systems automatic speech recognition pdf used in a new e-health application as part of Spain’s Junta de Andalucía Government Health Services’s virtual assistant. It was rated as ‘Market Leader’ by Speech Technologies in 2009 and 2010.

The results achieved in those years were condensed into an audio disc at 45 rpm, with thousands of copies produced and spread through the mass communication media. Towards the end of 1990s speech synthesis took on a new approach, instead of passing diphones it would use the selection and concatenation of acoustic units of variable length, an approach made possible by the increased power of computers and especially the increasing capacity of mass storage systems. This resulted in “ACTOR” – “The human sounding voice” – which began to have a large audience due to the number of telephone services and applications created by Loquendo related companies. In the nineties a large cross-European collaboration began and, along with a dozen other companies and universities across Europe a very large speech database was collected throughout Europe, with the voices of more than 65000 people. Merging “FLEXUS” and “ACTOR” into a single system created “Dialogos”, allowing the creation of cutting-edge telephone services.

The birth of Loquendo as a company led to the development of many languages and the release of the recognizer in the form of library software for the creation of various telephony applications. They also introduced several systems to write state-finite grammars and natural language models systems. The speech databases recording campaigns continue having moved on from Europe to Mediterranean countries, to the South, Center and North America and, finally to countries in the Far East. Overall countless hours of speech have been recorded by contacting hundred of thousands of people in the listed regions. The recordings have been collected both for fixed telephone networks, as well as in moving vehicles for mobile phones and also using high quality microphones in domestic environments for consumer applications such as video games, appliances and home automation in general. The success of the research has also pushed the company to move to the development of products specifically for these tasks through the enabling platforms described below.

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