Ashrae 90.1 2004 pdf

The original standard, ASHRAE 90, was published in 1975. There have ashrae 90.1 2004 pdf multiple editions to it since. This allows it to be updated multiple times in a year. The standard was renamed ASHRAE 90.

It has since been updated in 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 to reflect newer and more efficient technologies. All components of the building meet the minimum standards specified by ASHRAE 90. This now has three paths. For code compliance there is Chapter 11, which compares an energy model for your building to an energy model for a barely compliant building with the same HVAC system and in the 2016 edition an Appendix G path was added that compares an energy model of your building against a baseline model based on the 2004 edition of Standard 90. 1 and requires lower energy consumption that varies depending on the building type. Within the sections of the standard, there are some variations to this.

Some sections have mandatory provisions, simplified approaches, or trade-off opportunities. The ECB is expressed in units of dollars. Percent improvement over ASHRAE 90. Many states apply ASHRAE 90. 1 to buildings being constructed or under renovation.

Most states apply the standard or equivalent standards for all commercial buildings. Others apply the standard or equivalent standards for all government buildings. There are some states that use other energy conservation standards for all commercial buildings and some other states that use a combination of the ASHRAE 90. 1 standard for all government buildings and use other energy conservation standards for their commercial buildings. A few states do not apply any energy conservation standards for their government and commercial buildings. As of January 2014, 6 states have codes which meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90. 36 states have codes which meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.

1-2004, and 9 states have either no code or a code which precedes 90. Kirkwood made the ASHRAE theme of 1973 “Optimum Energy Utilization Through Technology”. The development of the proposed standard, Standard 90P, was completed in less than six months. A draft of the standard was issued on June 21, 1974, to 5,000 industry stakeholders for public review. Comments were received, revisions were made, and the initial version was issued as ASHRAE Standard 90-1975 on January 14, 1975.

In 2004 the ASHRAE 90. 1 standard applied to buildings, the building envelope, and majority of mechanical and lighting systems in the building. New buildings being constructed and the systems that run the new buildings would be covered by the standard. The standard would also apply to additions to existing buildings and their systems as well as alterations to an existing buildings system. 1 standard to apply to the building envelope the building will need to be heated by a heating system that has an output capacity greater than 3. The buildings that are exempted from ASHRAE 90.

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