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What is Adobe Document Cloud? Adobe Analytics is constantly improving. With Adobe Analytics, you always have access to the new features as soon as they’re released. Take a look at the latest.

You can now bring Adobe Audience Manager segments into Adobe Analytics. By combining third-party advertising, demographic, and psychographic data with first-party data within Analytics, you can enhance audience discovery and gain insights to help you improve content personalization, audience composition, and media execution. Introducing Context-Aware Sessions, the industry’s first flexible session-reporting solution for multi-channel customer experience analytics. Visualize how customers move through your sites and mobile apps. Easily overlay key metrics to further break down and explore user behavior, allowing you to drive improvements on content and flow.

When you discover a common usage pattern, you can create a dynamic audience segment of that cohort of users. Easily drag, drop, and rearrange steps along the user experience to better understand where users are disengaging — and where they go. Compare multiple segments at one time to see how they differ. And finally, use the conversion funnel segment builder to create audience segments of those who fall out at any stage to drive remarketing and personalization.

The algorithms from Anomaly Detection ensure that you’re sent alerts based on your organization’s unique data, eliminating false positives. Alerts, which can be delivered through email or SMS, contain links to auto-generated Analysis Workspace projects displaying all related anomaly details. The new Starter Projects in Analysis Workspace provide a natural ramp-up if you’re trying Analysis Workspace for the first time. Get out-of-the-box answers to common business questions across the web and mobile apps, as well as specific templates for vertical industries.

There’s also added support for hourly, weekly, and monthly granularities. The new Dynamic Time Segments allow you to build segments that contain rolling date ranges to answer questions about ongoing campaigns or events. Additionally, the new Time Comparison feature in Analysis Workspace lets you take any column containing a date range and create a common date comparison, such as year over year. The new histogram visualization in Analysis Workspace allows you to visualize distributions of customer behavior quickly and easily. This feature helps you spot outliers quickly, so you can concentrate marketing or product development on the right sources — not generalized averages. The new experience for editing multiple requests provides the ability to add, remove, and replace all segments within the target requests block.

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